Pepsodent Complete Care Premium Denture Bath Bundle with Efferdent Anti-bacterial Denture Cleanser and Bonus Denture Brush. Color of Denture Bath Will Vary. You Will Receive Either: Purple (As Shown), Blue, Or Green. Color of denture brush will vary and b

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  • Pepsodent Complete Care Premium Denture Bath With No Mess, No Spill Strainer. Color Of Denture Bath Will Vary To Include: Purple (As Shown), Blue, and Green.
  • Efferdent Anti-Bacterial Denture Cleanser Kills 99.9% Of Odor Causing Germs
  • Fights Odor and Removes Tough Denture Stains. Use With Any Denture Bath And Is Recommended For Use On Full Or Partial Dentures And Removable Oral Care Devices
  • Bonus OraFix or Assured Denture Brush. A Denture Brush is Recommended By Dentists To Get A More Thorough Clean. The color of denture brush may vary.
  • Pepsodent Complete Care Premium Denture Bath Bundle: This bundle comes with all you need to get your dentures completely clean. You get Pepsodent Premium Denture Bath With No Mess Strainer; Efferdent Anti-Bacterial Denture Cleanser Tablets 16ct. As A Bonus You Also Receive Either An Assured Or OraFix Denture Brush

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Announcing Pepsodent Complete Care Premium Denture Bath Bundle With Bonus. This bundle includes the Pepsodent Complete Care Premium Denture Bath, Efferdent Denture Cleanser and a bonus Assured or Orafix Denture Brush Are you tired of messes and spills when soaking your dentures or removable oral devices? Are you disgusted with though tough nasty looking stains that never seem to go away. Are you less than satisfied with the results of brushing with a regular toothbrush? If so, then this bundle is just the solution that you have been looking for and at a great price. The Pepsodent Complete Care Denture Bath Bundle has everything you need in one neat package. This bundle is the perfect solution for cleaning or soaking your dentures, partials or removable oral device. The Pepsodent Complete Care Premium Denture Bath comes with a separate porous plastic strainer basket into which you place your oral device and then lower into the Denture Bath. Once your device has completed cleaning or soaking, you would lift the strainer and use the tiny grips to hang on the side of the Denture Bath while the cleansing solution drains. This allows for no spill and no mess cleaning. Along with the Pesodent Denture Bath, you will receive a 16 ct. box of efferdent Anti-Bacterial denture cleanser. Efferdent Denture cleanser cleans 99.9% of odor causing bacteria. It also cleans tough stains in hard to reach places And reduces plaque buildup and remove food particles that cause germ irritation. As a bonus you will receive an Assured Denture Brush. This brush is specially designed for use with dentures. Dentures require daily brushing for freshness and effective stain removal. Denture Brushes are recommended by dentist to get a thorough cleanse. Pepsodent Complete Care Bundle comes with everything you need for good oral hygiene. Pepsodent Denture Bath with strainer; Efferdent Cleanser; and Assured/ Orafix Denture Brush. Colors will vary Click the orange "Add To Cart" Button Now!!!

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